Sawaddi I’m Bia your local pal

I am Bangkokian with 5 years experience in documentory film for TV broadcast. I have a passion for telling stories of interesting persons through my unique presentation.

Connecting people together is my joy

   I was born and raised in the town surrounding with canals and paddies. For it is the east historic wetland of Bangkok where urban lifestyle and rural culture meet, i found these unique ways of life expand my perspective towards people diversity. As a local,it is always great day sightseeing from the water. Cruising in my beloved neighborhoods gives me more friendship experiences and nature appreciation.I am also bicycle and birding enthusiast.

   These are Really relaxing and inspired workout for me.Keep exploring unknowns, i am fascinated that each route has its own stories worth to be shared.Join me and get a feel for real Bangkok on a different side with the eyes of locals.Thoroughly fun.