Meet the founder of Baanpayoo Bed & Breakfast near BKK airport


Meet the owner and founder Baanpayoo | Cafe Bed Breakfast


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Hello! My name is Yoong Hapermpool Designer of Yoongdesign and Also the Bed & Breakfast owner of Baanpayoo | Café Bed Breakfast.  … Welcome! to my Place!

I would like to share you my dream project which I put all my passion and combinding together my skill and interest into this sustainable business model project.

There are 3 important parts  of this model business. First Bed and Breakfast, second the Café and third Recycling workshop.

Bed and Breakfast

As I mentioned earlier I am Designer who specialises on interior and exterior metal products. I designed the whole place by myself basis on my skill and capability. you will get the feeling of creative patterned steel work as decorative elements and also functional with a hundred percent handcrafted. for more information about metal products please check the link 

Snap from our accommodation “Cozy loft”


Baanpayoo Cafe

The café. Where we serve the Breakfast to our guest and aslo welcome to other customer to enjoy manual brewing coffee & tea. its also serve as distribution channel for recycling products that made by locals.

Manual brewing espresso by flair espresso machine


Tasty Toast (Photo : Pob Suparoj)

The recycling workshop

The recycling workshop is actually something that I have interesting for a longtime. Since I know Precious plastic Project (the online Recycle waste community ) which they share the idea and solution to build the machine to tackle to plastic problem. eventhough this is my personal project and I started with my own fund but I would love to share my resource into the people in the community. Neighborhood kids and Retirement access these tools to recycle waste in the community turn it into useful products or souvenir and sell it at the Café’. And I am seeking for Like mind people who have a same passion to collaborate.

Neighborhood kids help us gathering plastic bottle cap.


Lamp shade produced from the extrusion plastic machine.

These are my 3 important parts of Baanpayoo | cafe bed breakfast, Of cause It’s quite long journey since 2017. and I’m still keep pursuing my dream. : )