700 BAHT

For 1 person



Discover the neighborhood from the perspective of living sustainably. Collect any plastic waste and bring it back to the recycling center to be made into a souvenir.

Hopping the Buengbua community, a temple, a canal, a local cafe, etc. Explore the nature along the waterways. By picking up rubbish along the road, you may make your journey more meaningful. return to the Baanpayoo recycling center to see how plastic is recycled and make your own a unique souvenir: Earring, key chain.

Price : 700 BAHT/Person

Drinks & Snack Included

Duration : 2.30 hr. Apoximately

Start : every weekend sat – sun  16.00-18.30 guest should be arrive 15 early at Baanpayoo

Age : 12+

*This is Separate activity accommodation is not include


22 Khumkloa 25 Lampratew Latkrabang Bangkok Thailand 10520

Tel.+66818731773 E-mail Baanpayoo@gmail.com

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