‘Made to order’ restaurant one of most popular restaurant among the locals

‘Made to order’ restaurant

‘Made to order’ restaurant become one of most popular restaurant among the locals which give you the opportunity to create your own menu and the chef will freshly cook your order. But this doesn’t mean that you can order anything that you feel like to have at that moment, like pepperoni pizza or something. Most of the basic menus are Thai style dishes such as Khao pad krapao, Rad Nha, Pad see eww, Khao pad (Fried rice), Khao kai jiew (Thai style omelette) then you can add your favorite ingredients (meats, veggies, etc.) to the menus.

It is very easy to spot ‘made to order’ restaurant. Because you will see the obvious label in front of the restaurant said ‘Made to order’ (อาหารตามสั่ง). In the case, that you do not understand Thai language. There is another obvious sign which can be easily notice, the small cabinet display filled with various kinds of vegetables like tomatoes, kale, cabbage. Also, carton filled of eggs and big rice cooker on the site.

For our guests who would like to experience this kind of restaurant, stood near by our home stay, there is ‘Pee Nid -Made to order restaurant. The all time popular menu is Kra pao moo krob Kai dao (crispy pork belly fried with Thai basil). You can enjoy the meal at the restaurant or you can request to deliver to our home stay right at the front of your room. The menu and how to order, are available on the brochure in your room.

‘Made to order’ restaurant is part of the locals’ everyday life food culture especially for working people who do not have time to cook and always in a rush. I do hope that you will enjoy the experience with ‘made to order’ food.