Hi ! I am Yoong The Owner of Baanpayoo and your BNB host

airbnb host
yoong hapermpool


There are some information about us that you may need to know for your smooth check-in and check-out.


ADDRESS : 16 Khumkloa 25, Khumkloa Road, Lampratew Latkrabang Bangkok 10520

ADDRESS (THAI Letter) : 16 ซ.คุ้มเกล้า 25 (ซ.วัดบึงบัว) ถนนคุ้มเกล้า แขวงลำปลาทิว เขตลาดกระบัง กทม. 10520

GOOGLE MAP LOCATIONhttps://goo.gl/maps/BkDvMTVah1MeFxHC7

Or search Baanpayoo Cafe Bed Breakfast 

Travel from BKK airport (Suvarnbhumi) to Your airbnb

The best way to get to Baanpayoo is taxi. However, if you want to obtain a ride to hopping around the area  or go futher, I would advise using the Bolt or Grab app. Like Uber, Bolt and Grab is particularly popular throughout Southeast Asia. It is convenient for you to move around and helps you avoid taxi tourist scams because at least you are aware of the price and the directions, or even book your transport in advance in case you have to check out early to ensure that you will have a ride before you depart in the morning.



You can download these app from your app store

  • Sometimes we founded ride with Bolt is cheaper than Grab, The Idea to have both app and compare the rate is better.

  • Its take about 15-20 min. ride from the airport with no traffic.


Or another option if you arrive at BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi) the convenience way to travel to your stay is public taxi which is normally I suggest my guest to get a ride by this following step below

Baanpayoo Map to communicate with driver

Travel from or to downtown Bangkok

The idea to take the skytrain from downtown Bangkok is the great option too. The nearest Skytrain station is AIRPORT LINK Latkrabang which from the station you can get the taxi from the basement to Baanpayoo which cost around 100 baht



Check-in & Check-Out

Usually we will waiting to greetings guest at our cafe for check-in process untill 17.00

However if they arrive after that time, they can do a self check-in by following the steps below.



To enter the room we will send you a 4 digit passcode for you to access the room to your inbox message. which you can use the code to access the room during your stay anytime and we will leave a keycard inside to room as well.  

Please let us know that you already check-in by text to us that will be appreciate. 

Incase you arrive late and feel hungry … most of the local restaurant and food stall will close around 21.00 or 22.00 on ward but there is an 7-Eleven convenience store the you can find instance food or any essential stuff for 24 hrs. , or next to 7-11 there is a red barbecue pork egg noodles that still open till midnight to fill your stomach will hot soup noodles.

Just a few minutes walk


Or If you dont want to go out anywhere you may use Grab app. Once again but this time you select food delivery which there are alot of restaurant that still open in late night. Grab rider will pick up your order and delivery to your destination. You can pay by credit card or cash directly to the rider.


For Your smooth check-out and travel to the next destination 

If you have an early flight in the morning. Make sure that you wont miss the flight. you can book your ride to the airport in advance. By use Grab or Bolt and set the schedule date and time to pick up. this will ensure that you will don’t have to worry about in the morning ride.

these will be the basically info to help you easier to travel while experienced local living in the community

you can explore more about Baanpayoo and Community by visit our Blog